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Goodness, but that’s a lot of intersection

Via Comics Worth Reading comes a link to Raina Telgemeier giving the ins and outs of her latest book, Drama, a post which hits on a bunch of interesting bits for my money, beyond my general interest in process posts.

I suspect at least a few of the steps involved are exclusive to established cartoonists, since this particular breakdown, at least, doesn’t see much of the artwork involved (other than initial character designs) until somewhere in the middle of the process. And even then, the first pass is modified stick-figure thumbnails. While some significant re-writing at that stage delayed the book for several months, I can only imagine how much more painfully difficult it might have been if full pencils had been necessary. Ouch.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the Baby-Sitter’s Club adaptations, because, well, Baby-Sitter’s Club. So I hadn’t payed much attention to Telgemeier’s followups. That there’s been a story out for a year about theatre geeks and I missed it? Shame on me. That the main character isn’t an aspiring actor, but a set designer, makes this a unique perspective, to boot.

Special bonus synergy’s to be had in seeing that Gurihiru are coloring the book. I’ve had a soft spot for them since they did such fun work on the contemporary Power Pack relaunch. Their visuals always brought a lot of fun energy to the party, so huzzah for the team-up.

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