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We Have to Justify the Seasonal Hires in Graphics!

So, I was on weather.com, as one tends to be when there’s a crazy thunderstorm outside and is looking for any warnings, and I notice a link to an article with the subtitle Is the Atlantic Hurricane Season Underwhelming?.

Allow me to offer this paraphrase: There haven’t been any hurricanes this season, but historically there have been, but sometimes when we started off slow there were really horrible hurricanes, though sometimes there weren’t, so this time they could be really horrible, although we can’t tell until the season’s all over, but never let your guard down, because you never know when a hurricane will sneak up behind you and what was that noise?

A minute and half of video and 500 some odd words later? Basically, hell if they know, but don’t get complacent! Have a plan! Another Hurricane Andrew could hit at any minute, when you aren’t looking! And we’ll be here asking tough questions all along the way.

For the love of… okay. Fine. People shouldn’t be complacent during hurricane season, but at the same time, really, Weather Channel? It’s not surprising that you try to get as much mileage out of hurricane season as you can. It’s like Weather Super Bowl. But do you really have to go so far as to invent extra paranoia just to keep everyone’s attention? Is there some reason why you can’t be happy that no one’s had to board up windows and evacuate?

(click here for The Weather Channel’s version)

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