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Maybe an Epiphany in the Well Metaphor Would Work Better…

Epiphanies are a lovely thing, most of the time. They’re a ridiculous gift from the ether when you’re stuck on a story. Even when you aren’t, they’ll have a tendency to open up a story in a way you hadn’t previously conceived. Don’t depend on them, of course. If your sole method of construction is writing via epiphany, then you’re in for a lot of heartache. They are, at the best of times, just nuggets of something awesome. Awesome ore, if you will. So, even good epiphanies have to be smelted and refined and shaped and polished until they’re actually something worthy of anything.

Hey, look at that: metaphor epiphany. Let’s play this gold thing out and see where it takes us.

What brought me here in the first place is that, every once in a while, you see that glint in your lantern light that points you to a vein, and you howl a bit in the echoey dark of the mine of a story because dammit: motherlode. And then you take a look around, and you realize: if you dig right in now, the whole bloody mineshaft’s going to collapse. You have to add the supports, here, and probably dig a parallel shaft. It’s the only way for it, really, because if you don’t, you’ll just be buried in a pile of rocks.

So there’s that. Had myself one or two of those epiphanies as concerns Spotlight. They open up a lot of fun potential stuff, but it’s way down the line. Part of me just wants to jump right there, but the other part realizes that none of that (*waves at the shiny vein of gold*) will work if I don’t get everything else in place, first.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the intermediate stuff is a slog. Good FSM, if I did, I should shelve the whole thing now, because no one would even be around for the shiny new vein of gold. I’m just very excited for the new shiny, is all, and I’m a bit impatient.

Also, my understanding of mining is really awful, so I’m fairly certain that metaphor went wrong in about a dozen different ways.

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