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Stick in the Mud

As will surprise pretty much no one, I’ve been super-excited that Marvel’s collecting the original Simonson / Brigman / Bogdanove runs on Power Pack in the Classic collections. I had long ago stopped re-reading my own individual issues for fear they’d fall apart on me. Having bound volumes (I’m still missing volume 2, but I have 1 and 3) with a little thicker cover means I get to indulge periodically, pulling them out to do what I used to do with my long boxes, and get my old-timey Power Pack fix.

Maybe I’d been distracted by that nostalgic giddiness of curling up with those original stories, but I only just looked closely at the re-colored covers to the collections. I certainly understand wanting to bring some contemporary technique to the party, sprucing things up so they don’t look “old-fashioned” on the bookshelf, but I have to say, I’m not sure I’m a fan of the results:

The scan on the left is from my original #1, with the new collection on the right. I can see some of the intent, but what I suspect is meant to be a more realistic palette just reads as dark and obscuring to me. All the gradients and glows don’t add snazzy special effects so much as they make a lot of the cover just look out of focus and fuzzy.

The third volume isn’t quite so dark, but there’s still a few too much glow-for-glow’s sake going on for my taste. I mean, why is someone in the shape of a cloud glowing?

It’s entirely possible I’m just an old curmudgeon. Still, it’s not like I don’t appreciate modern coloring techniques in other books. Heck, I’m trying to learn a few of them, myself. But in this case, I feel like the attempts to modernize the original art just haven’t served it all that well. But the originals are reprinted inside, so the giddy kid in me is easily distracted all the same.

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