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Give It up to Have More?

Facebook is apparently making changes to bits of its various data usage policies. At least, that’s what the message that showed up in my inbox t’other day seems to indicate. I can’t say that I’m especially concerned or impressed, really. After all, it’s not like I can pick my preferred terms of service. I recognize that I’ve opted into an advertising scheme by having a Facebook profile at all (as opposed to those poor souls who don’t even get the heads up that they’ve joined the Facebook data revolution).

So, I mostly just sighed, made sure I didn’t click the links in the email so as to be a good little boy afraid of phishing, and was about to go on my merry way when my skimming hit this bit:

To stay up to date on similar topics, please like our Site Governance and Privacy pages. And, if you want to learn more about how we show you interesting, relevant ads, or how cookies and similar technologies help us do so, please visit our Ads and Cookies pages. We hope you find these resources helpful.

There’s a certain amount of extra chutzpah to this kind of thing, I find. It’s phrased to sound like Facebook is trying to be my buddy and help me keep up with all those confusing changes so I can be an Informed Consumer. All I really read, however, is “To find out more about our data mining practices and our exploitation of your eyeballs to make ourselves money, give us more of each!”

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