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Fauna for the Win?

It all started as I was trying to come up with a super-hero named after a stinging insect that wasn’t already taken. I failed miserably. There’s already a Wasp, a Yellowjacket, Green and Brown Hornets, Red and Queen Bees, and a Bumblebee of both the human and transforming robot persuasion.

And then there’s Ant-Man, of course, who takes the second-most common stinginess all under his purview. So, no luck there, but, hey, I could always blog about how the best insects were taken. I mean, where was the love for the Stink Bug?

Well, apparently, there was some.

Ladybug? Oh, there’s not one, but two? As a side note, I am fascinated by the concept of “French-Japanese magical girl” anime for no real reason other than I never would have put all that together in my head.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that all the best insects are taken, but that all the insects are taken, period? I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, since animal themes allow for an easy bit of packaging for what might otherwise be difficult-to-correlate power sets. So, instead of having to call your hero “Miniature Flying Laser-Beam Woman,” you go with “Wasp.” Instead of “Mean Tough Claw Man,” you get “Wolverine.” So long as you can manage to justify your power set with the animal traits of your namesake, it all works.

Although now I really want to see “Guest starring Mean Tough Claw Man” plastered on the cover of a comic book. Possibly teaming up with “Prescient Strong Sticky Fingers Guy.”

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