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Now Hear This

I’ve been wanting to watch this TED talk since I saw the link on Upworthy, but only recently had the time to spare. I’ve been fascinated by hearing voices and schizophrenia for a while (part of the metaphor of Crowd over in Spotlight is a more literal conglomeration of voices, to use the most recent example). Research is always good, and even better when it takes a look at things from a different angle. This definitely seems to be a very different kind of interpretation of the phenomenon than the standard narrative:

From there, I found Intervoice: The International Community for Hearing Voices. I’ve only read a little so far, but I suspect I’ll be digging in as time goes on. It seems like, certainly, a supportive resource for those living with a ‘nonstandard’ mental process.

I’m not really qualified to speak to the medical / psychological elements, but I don’t imagine it’s ever a bad idea to find out you aren’t alone in the world, even and especially if you find you aren’t alone inside your own head. And removing the stigma of mental illness needs these kinds of resources to help those who aren’t living with such conditions understand the factors involved.

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