Month: September 2013

Due Diligence

No one can ever accuse Mark Millar of not having hellishly good success in the media markets, especially as concerns synergizing his comics properties with Hollywood. His latest is apparently meant to be a series, set in Detroit, about folks with super speed. The cover appears to feature one of the young speedsters in action: …

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Fauna for the Win?

It all started as I was trying to come up with a super-hero named after a stinging insect that wasn’t already taken. I failed miserably. There’s already a Wasp, a Yellowjacket, Green and Brown Hornets, Red and Queen Bees, and a Bumblebee of both the human and transforming robot persuasion. And then there’s Ant-Man, of …

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Disposable Imagineering

Visited the local franchise for The Big Mouse recently, where things seem to be taking an upturn technologically. In lovely money-saving news, Disney resorts have finally decided to include free Wi-Fi in room prices. Okay, the frugality here is relative. Even “value resorts” aren’t bargain-basement prices. Which was, of course, why it was nice to …

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