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New Ways to Fly: and Straight on ‘Til Morning

I’ve been fiddling with some of the costume sketches for that production of Peter Pan of late. I’ve been wanting to do something more than just coloring figures, and I thought maybe trying my hand at a full-blown poster might be a decent first step.

I’ve got a couple of these in mind, but the star field background seemed the least complicated one to try. Plus, you know, it’s always good to start with the title character, right? In any case, this is my first go at a promo poster of a sort:

Pan Poster

Also, because we are in a Facebook world, after all, I tried a Facebook cover photo style banner:

Peter Pan Banner

I sort of hit a wall trying to figure out various raster programs to do the text, and eventually just gave up and did what I could in Photoshop and GIMP. It’s not winning any kinds of awards, but I managed a few different things I’ve never done before, including putting together the star field (yes, it was mostly a matter of manipulating filters, but even that takes a fair amount of time).

So, hooray for trying something new if nothing else.

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