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Of Course I Went There

I shouldn’t, mind you. I should just note that the piece of merchandise is silly and cute and … but no. It started with this set of Mickey ears:

Mickey's Pants on My Head

It’s iconic, sure, but as soon as I saw it, all I could think is: That’s Mickey’s pants. If I wear that hat, my head is in Mickey’s pants. 1

That particular line of thinking I’ve been posing for a while now, but I was reminded of it tonight as I walked through Target and saw a couple pair2 of boxer shorts that started the noggin going again. Super hero undies aren’t new, of course, but first Batman:


Then Superman:


have me going to odd places. All I see is The World’s Finest showing off … droopy drawers? I suppose I could see how the utility belt might give a guy some plumber’s pants, but Superman? Maybe one too many super-sonic flights knocked his bottoms loose?

Hmmm… you don’t suppose that’s how he lost the red trunks in The New 52 reboot, do you?

1. There’s also a mug using the same design. Which means I’m drinking out of Mickey’s britches, but I find the hat has me shaking my, well, head the most, so we’re going with that.
2. Blargh, English. Why are you making it sound like I just double-doubled? Ah, well.

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