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New Ways to Fly: Crimes Against Adulthood

Still working on images for Peter Pan. This time more of a gag image:

Wanted: Peter Pan

I’m still not doing anything particularly sophisticated to achieve the effects. A multiply layer with rendered clouds to give it the mottling, then some manual erasing of that layer so it hopefully didn’t obscure Pan’s face. Threw in some darkening at the edges to try to achieve a bit more distress there.

I still have issues getting the text tool to play nice with me, but eventually I managed that, erasing away a little of the line art to make the “list of offenses” readable. It’s probably a bit crisper than it should be, but that’s something to shoot for in the future, I suppose.

I tried using the native sepia tone filter, but really didn’t like the color it produced, so instead I mucked around with colors manually on a color burn layer until I liked the level of sepia / old paper it gave me.

Also, “spurious directions” amuses me far more than it ought.

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