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Lining Up: Stallion

So, over the last couple of chapters of Spotlight, I’ve been playing out the idea that the members aren’t normally “costumed up” in a traditional way. Other than Roc, none of them have abilities that would allow for instant changing, for one thing. For another, having them in civilian clothes which are from each of their distinctly-branded clothing lines seemed like exactly the kind of thing The Spotlight Collective would want to help promote said lines (and the revenue streams from same).

Trying to do character sketches, then, is a little more like trying to do a look book than a real costume. They do have costumes (they donned them for the chapter that just finished, for example), but they’re more often found in their designer clothes. I’ve been trying to get a feel for what kind of clothes each member might wear normally, then extrapolating that into the styled up line that might result. I finally have what I think I like as a first look for our resident horn-dog (horse?), Stallion:

Stallion (don’t call him Christian unless you’re courting pain) has always felt like the Jersey Shore type in the group. He’s something of a dudebro. He’s styled with a lot of tight t-shirts with deep V necks to show off his bulk and muscles. Almost all of them with a lot of silk-sreeny designs on them. He also makes sure his jeans fit, because he wants the ladies to, ahem, see what he has to offer.

I thought about giving him more jewelry than the earring, since he definitely feels like the kind of guy who likes himself some obnoxious rings, but I rather think he’d destroy any finger jewelry hitting things with super-strength (“the strength and speed of a herd of wild horses” is how I believe I put it in my initial workup), so they aren’t here.

The love of silk-screeniness is part of why I wanted to concentrate on Stallion first. The design here is Stallion’s personal icon / logo. Stallion seemed the most likely to want his brand big and centered, whereas the others will probably keep their symbols in less look-at-me locations. So, I got to play with the logo at a reasonable size to see what I liked.

Because they’re each a brand, but they’re part of a group, I’ve been trying to come up with a logo design that could be used for both. The field background on Stallion’s is common to all Spotlight folks. It’s meant to be a riff on five beams of light, with the center beam widest to highlight an individual’s personal icon. Stallion’s, of course, is a stylized horse head. I tried to do something that wasn’t just a chess knight, and this is what I came up with.

I kind of love the separated, angular mane section. It’s reminiscent of a swoosh from ye olde leading sporting goods company. Only in this case, it has more sharp angles and is turned upside down. Stallion is totally the anti-Do-It.

Side note: drawing the actual horse head was a gigantic pain in the tuckus. I’m reasonably satisfied with it, in that it finally looks like a horse after several attempts that just looked like dogs with big nostrils. On the other hand, once I had a realistic-ish horse’s head, I discovered I’m not quite skilled enough to make him leer the way I wanted. You should pretty much always assume Stallion is leering. It’s his default expression.

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  1. I thought about giving him more jewelry than the earring, since he definitely feels like the kind of guy who likes himself some obnoxious rings …

    Do you remember the episode of Friends where Joey gives Chandler this huge silver friendship bracelet, and it’s very stereotypical dudebro jewelry? This made me think of that.

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