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Powerblog: On Becoming Complete. Issue-wise, at Least.

This shouldn’t surprise you. I did, after all, warn you that Power Pack catalyzed multiple comics turning points for me. I hope you didn’t expect me to show restraint by not sharing them.

When last we left much-younger-me, I was fully invested in this crazy little story about the kid super heroes. I ran to that spinner rack every time we were in the grocery store, hoping that maybe that first issue I missed would be there. But then issue #3 showed up and, while not downplaying the joy of finding out what happened next, I was even more determined to find out what happened first. So it was that Power Pack #1 became the Thing I Had To Have.

I grew up in a little town. Our library was in a renovated mobile home. I’m not kidding. It’s actually not gotten much bigger since then. That spinner rack in the grocery store was the only place in town that would have comics.

However, as luck would have it, there are more than a few not-as-little towns about a half hour or so away from where I grew up. One of which was close to where my grandmother lived at the time. That’s where my father, having heard me bemoaning the unavailability of Power Pack #1,1 ran across a used book store, and took me to said used book store. They didn’t really keep back issue stock, but since they hadn’t cleared it out yet, there it was: Power Pack #1. My little fanboy heart was full.

And then I looked around and saw that the store carried every current Marvel and DC comic on a huge magazine rack/shelving unit that ran the nearly the length of the store. I was agog. I had no earthly idea there were that many comics that came out regularly. It was overwhelming.

I was in heaven.

And that’s how Power Pack and parental automobiles drove me into the arms of the full spread of super-hero comics, and a monthly trip to the store.

1. It’s entirely possible he just heard about said bemoaning from my mother. I was young. I was bereft of my kid super hero origin. I bemoaned. It did not matter who heard.

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