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And Now for Something Only Slightly Different

Burying the lead: Superboy edition.

So, they’ve been telling us for a while now that they’re killing off Superboy the clone, and replacing him with a Superboy from an alternate future. Scott Lobdell explains it this way:

We’re not always going to do exactly what you think we’re going to do. We’re not going to be boxed into a type of storytelling just because it has been done one way for so long. We’re going to surprise you, we’re going to startle you, and we’re going to challenge ourselves to constantly push the envelope.

I don’t know much about alternate future, might-be-a-villain guy who’s taking over as star of the book. Perhaps there’s a rich history … er …alternate future history … stuff that begs to be explored. I can’t say, really, especially when I happened on the following, from the same interview:

Personally, if it were up to me — and it so rarely is — I’d be just as happy exploring a Superboy who is a young black teenager in England, exposed to raw Kryptonite and given super powers.

It’s probably just an off-hand comment, but, honestly, it was the most compelling idea there. If the point of the new 52 is to be bold and innovative and not go in the same directions, why IS the new new Superboy basically just another white boy who looks like he could maybe be Superman as a young person, and essentially just resets the moral ambiguity of the previous version of same?

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