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Lining Up: Roc

Managed to do another character / design sketch for Spotlight. As I mentioned in the Stallion post, most of the current members don’t really suit up when they go out hero-ing. There is one notable exception: Roc. Teresa has a fashion line just like everyone else, and I want to put together a look for that. Since she takes this whole super-hero thing a lot more seriously than any of the others, though, it seemed right to start with her knightly attire:

As I mentioned in the logo post, Teresa is fully convinced that being chosen by The Stone, being made superhuman, is the contemporary equivalent of her favorite RPG class: the paladin. She feels she’s been knighted, and since her power to reshape mineral deposits lets her create any shape she wants to, and manipulate it freely, she chose full out plate mail.

The sword isn’t always there, but I like the visual of it. It’s ridiculous-size, of course, but being made out of stone like her armor, its weight isn’t really at issue. She physically swings as a kind of mental aid, but it’s T’s mineral telekinesis which is doing the heavy lifting.

Her personal icon seemed appropriate on the armor, since she thinks of it as a knight’s standard. She wears it to identify her order. What’s missing, and what drives Trent nuts, is the Spotlight element for its background. She will in most cases suggest that it’s not on purpose; she generates the armor without actively designing it. Whether that’s true or not, it speaks to how much precedence she doesn’t give to the corporation behind this little group of supers.

I think this particular sketch makes Teresa look a bit shorter than I envision, but her bulkiness–for lack of a better term–is definitely on purpose. As Gloria and Liam discussed in the previous chapter, everyone in Spotlight undergoes a rigorous training regime. Teresa is definitely in shape. That doesn’t mean she looks like some kind of runway size negative seventeen, though. I wanted her to have a more everyday body type, and Teresa’s definitely the kind of woman who isn’t going to apologize for that. One of the many crusades she’s on is to give a big ‘screw you’ to the culture of waif-ism. It’s great if you’re thin, she’d say, but there’s no reason why everyone needs to be in order to be healthy–and more than a few folks are healthier if they aren’t.

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