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Powerblog: On Specialties and Weekly Obsessions

By the time Power Pack finished its second year, it had long stopped being the only series I collected. With the help of that well-stocked book store, I was collecting several series at that point. But, of course, those pesky little kid super heroes were still top of the list.

Issue 25 changed up a lot of things. In addition to the kids switching powers, the comic changed up its shipping schedule. The end of the issue announced that Power Pack would now be going bi-monthly. I was going to have to wait two whole months between installments.

Of course, my obsessiveness kicked in quite thoroughly in that interval. Did going bi-monthly next issue mean that it would be two months until issue 26, or that 26 would ship as normal and set the cycle, after which it would be two months until 27? Yes, it was wishful thinking. But, between desperation and math being not my friend, it made complete and utter sense at the time.

So the next month came, and I went to the book store anyway, and there was no Power Pack. Emboldened more than I normally would be, I asked behind the counter if they knew if the book would be another month or not. The folks at the book store were nice and all, but there was only one employee who dealt with the comics ordering, and that person wasn’t around.

However, if I wanted to check, there was a comics specialty shop I could vis–

Wait, did I just hear…? There were shops that didn’t just have a comic book section, but which were wholly dedicated to comics? I had to excuse myself to re-align my understanding of the way of the universe.

With the same fervor I’d had on previous attempts to Have All Power Pack Always, there was badgering which resulted in finding the local comic shop. It was, at the time, a fairly small store, but in addition to having all the comics the book store carried, there were these long, cardboard boxes full of comics, all in protective plastic sleeves and with cardboard backing. It was like a little treasure trove of comics archive-iness. If I’d been overwhelmed by a long magazine rack of comics, I was rather shell-shocked when realizing (1) how many comics fit in a box, and (2) how many boxes were in that small shop.

It did turn out that I’d have to wait an extra month for Power Pack, but in the meantime, I’d just discovered the comics specialty store. Several more shovelfuls had thus been dug for my entrenchment.

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