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Lining Up: Bruise

Max (Bruise) wound up taking residence in my head design-wise this last week. He’s actually the only Spotlight character I’d drawn previously, though I kind of hate what I did now. So, being vaguely satisfied with what I’d sketched of some of his teammates, I thought I’d take another crack at him:

Max is kind of a mish-mash of alternative styles. He’s not really goth or punk or emo, I don’t think, though those were all styles I looked at when putting him together. The multitude of piercings were required. I mean, the “pain guy” has to have those, yes?

Anyway, the pants are probably the element I went around on the most. I started with just jeans ripped all to heck, but then I found some strapped up pant designs that I really dug. When you remember that these are the styled looks, the actual clothing lines, something like that seemed like a better choice. Eva, after all, would want to make more of a statement that just some ripped jeans. And all the straps give the outfit a smidge of a bondage vibe, which feeds into Max’s twisted / pain image.

I fiddled with Max’s facial features quite a bit here, too. I was trying to find a balance I liked with make-up & androgyny. One version had lots of loopy eye makeup, but I thought he looked like a Death knockoff and / or like I was making a Clockwork Orange reference that I wasn’t really going for. So I settled for the streak of large eyeshadow and the black nail polish for now.

I toyed briefly with trying to fit his logo onto the jacket sleeve, but it just felt out of place. Just assume it’s on the care labels, which Max probably tore out, but when you get the look at the alterna-stores, it’s totally there.

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