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D(r)oodles: Did Work in the Cemetery Give Him a Taste for Death?

I’m not promising any kind of Sketch Wednesday, but I’m still sketching stuff, and, hey, a thousand words and all that.

Back on the theatre bent this time. Now that Peter Pan is taking off (I’m exhausted. Puns soothe me. Deal), it’s time for the show I’m in rehearsals for. I’ve started fiddling with some character-y sketches of the suspects in this little “vote for the killer” play. I’m not affiliated with the costume designer this time, so I don’t know what the actual costumes might look like (other than fabulous, because he is), but I do still want to try to help drum up interest. So, these are more my impression of the character than anything else. The first person I had an idea for was the stony cemetery man, Durdles:


Goodness, is that blood dripping from the end of his shovel?

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