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Sometimes You Just Need a Steampunk Scotsman

 photo weel_naxel_by_jasonkimble-d7bgj5j_zps953ade79.png

Another RPG character. Had fun playing with a lot of elements just for the heck of it. There isn’t actually a Scotland for him to be from in the setting, but honestly, there aren’t nearly enough RPG characters running around in kilts. Then, because he’s a tinkerer type, and also slightly mad, I wanted to do something mildly steampunk / clockwork inspired, but which wasn’t really polished or symmetrical at all. He cobbled together the armor from a lot of random randomness.

1 thought on “Sometimes You Just Need a Steampunk Scotsman”

  1. “Yes, hello, I need to place an order for a lot of random randomness … well, I’m not sure why you’d need to–what? No, I’m not into world domination, I want to cobble together some armor. To go with my kilt … well, it’ll damn sure be manly when I add some freaking *armor* to it! … Look, are you going to sell me this random randomness or not?”

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