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Not So Long Ago…

Cover art by Luke Spooner

I suppose it’s appropriate for a folklore anthology to stumble through its own relatively twisty path to completion. But complete it finally is.

Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth. Reimagined & Remastered is a mouthful of a title, though given the number of books that come up when you type “Twice Upon a Time” into Amazon, I figured giving you the whole title here was a good idea.

Near the last week of last year, the anthology was up in e-book only on the Kindle store. Then it vanished like a fairie light. Whispers among the townfolk spoke of ogres and demons and arcane scrolls called “contracts.” Only the archmage Joshua knows for certain.

Now, however, it’s finally back, and in dead tree format, too. My story, “Tall,” is part of the anthology. I have a more substantial post about that which should go up over the weekend or early next week, but the short version is, it involves a quest to claim Annie Oakley’s gun in order to save a town from becoming yet more collateral damage in the feud between Paul Bunyan’s giants and Pecos Bill’s tornado wranglers. This is complicated in no small part due to personal history between Bill and the gun’s current owner. Also, there is at least one monster, because there always is, right?

I’m proud of “Tall,” and excited that it’s out there for folks to read. And just in case, there’s also a metric ton of other folks having their own demented turns at various stories you thought you knew, so there ought to be something in a flavor you enjoy.

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