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Twice Hyped Tales

With bouncing and whatnot for future publications, I don’t want to forget the stuff that’s out there. The Bearded Scribe Press, publisher of Twice Upon A Time: Fairytale, Folklore, & Myth. Reimagined & Remastered. (which includes my story, “Tall”) has been putting together more material to let people know about the authors behind so many of these stories. Rather than turn this little corner into All Twice Upon All The Time, I’m condensing them here. Click one name, click all, click as your little heart desires. And if your little heart decides after reading that you want yourself a copy of this not-so-little anthology, click the link I put on the title of it above, or on the sidebar. Look at all these fun options the world gives.

Rose Blackthorn (“Before the First Day of Winter”)
I […] have a passion for post-apocalyptic fiction, and I was curious to explore what might happen to a diminishing population of selkies after human beings have poisoned the world in some great final war.

Court Ellyn (“The Bone Harp”)
I wasn’t supposed to read fantasy, because it led to irresponsible, even dangerous, lifestyles. So I had to buy the book behind my mother’s back. I love you, Mother.

Steven Anthony George (“Patient Griselda”)
It was not in fiction writers, but playwrights that I found inspiration. I found the language of Edward Albee and Tennessee Williams both strange and poetic and I wanted to write in a similar style.

Dale W. Glaser (“My Name is Melise”)
[T]he concept of the anthology, not only re-telling fairy tales but mashing them up with other genres, was an inspiration itself, as I decided to take things in a dark science-fiction direction in order to create a rational explanation for the fantastic elements of the original.

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