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Possess the Original

Spoilers for The Originals are likely to follow. Warning done. In general, I’ve tended to find The Vampire Diaries spin-off show The Originals more interesting than its parent. I think the pull of the latter comes in part with the way the writers seem to play with moral ambiguity in more interesting ways. A fair …

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Phone-y Fiddling

Inspired a lot by these minimalist super-icon iPhone wallpapers, and the fact that my old wallpaper and lock screen didn’t play as nice with iOS 7, I started playing at trying to make some Power Pack symbol wallpapers. So far, I’ve managed to do the boys: Gee is all square edges, of course, so he …

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Stick in the Mud

As will surprise pretty much no one, I’ve been super-excited that Marvel’s collecting the original Simonson / Brigman / Bogdanove runs on Power Pack in the Classic collections. I had long ago stopped re-reading my own individual issues for fear they’d fall apart on me. Having bound volumes (I’m still missing volume 2, but I …

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